Shuttle Knit

Knitwear Handmade in Ireland
Shuttle Knit is a stand alone business

which involves the Traveller and Settled

Communities working together to design

and produce a comprehensive range

of knitwear and cotton face masks.

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Shuttle Knit Ltd is a community enterprise, established in 2001, supported by the Government’s Social Inclusion Chapter of its National Plan. It is a business enterprise and partnership between Travellers and the settled community expressed in the spirit of our logo “knitting communities together”. The company’s aim, is to create and design an innovative range of knitwear as an indigenous Irish industry for worldwide sales . Our products are showcased at National and Local Events, on our website and at at our premises in Wicklow Town.

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Shuttle Knit
Crinion Park
Wicklow Town
Co. Wicklow
Phone us on: 0404 25641

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