Bespoke Embroidery

At Shuttle Knit we have a full embroidery service

From June to the end of September our work space is alive with the sound of the machines non-stop as they embroider, logos, crests and emblems of local Wicklow schools and sports clubs.

Whether you have a school, a club or you just want to customise a gift, no job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote from one to hundreds.

Samples of Shuttle Knit embroidery

Digitising service

Shuttle Knit also supply a full digitising service for a small fee. Over the years we have made many “one off” pieces for customers, including wedding dresses, coats and blankets. Whatever your idea or needs might be, we're sure we can do it!

On a commercial basis, we had great fun doing all the yarn bombing in the Vodafone ads and the knitting for Kilbeggan Whiskey. And it was a great pleasure to knit all the jumpers for the opening ceremony of the Ryder Cup. If you have a giant yarn project, please feel free to talk to us about your ideas and how we can help you.

Samples of Shuttle Knit embroidery

Small runs and sampling

As we have the facility to do small runs and sampling, we regularly get approached by other designers and yarn companies, so if you have a contract that needs filling, please talk to us about how we might be able to help you.

Contact us

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